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Invest in Your health

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Your Mind, Body, and Soul Deserve the Best - Invest in our Core Transformative Health Program today!

You’ve read the benefits of our two Primary Care memberships programs, in additional to these benefits if you feel you have specific life and health goals that you would like us to help you reach, then our Core Transformational Care may be for you.  This is a life changing individualized tailored program that is set up between you, the physicians in the practice, and support services to help you achieve your ultimate goal with a focus on your physical, mental, and emotional health.   A partnership for positive personal change that starts with a Life & Health Coach to provide a roadmap to success and includes check ins and transformational sessions as often as needed.  We will provide a network of other like-minded individuals to share insights and wisdom along your quest. Click "Start Your Transformation Today" to schedule your consultation.  It’s time to achieve what you have always knew you could! 

Have you decided to invest in a 401k or real estate because planning ahead to secure your financial future is a priority for you?  Possibly you have made other financial commitments such as a car or opening a college savings fund?  What about investing in your health? Your health is your greatest asset, are you investing in it?
Investing in your health now is a proactive step towards a happier, healthier life that will reap many rewards over time.  Taking control of your health is a concept lost in modern society because the current medical system is designed for medical professionals to focus on the volume of patients that come through their practice.
Insurance companies are becoming the main decision makers which requires most doctors to see 30-40 patients per day to meet their overhead expenditures.  It's created a patient care pandemic where studies show that the average doctor's appointment takes about 2 hours of time, but only 15 minutes is actually spent with the doctor.
You owe it to yourself to INVEST in, not neglect, Your Health. The mission of Core Concierge Health is compassionate care centered on You.
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Core Concierge

Invest in your health with patient-centered care tailored just for you and your health goals and needs. Concierge Level Membership includes Primary & Wellness care focused on disease....
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Core Concierge
Platinum Level

Our dedicated concierge team takes your services to the next level when you upgrade your Membership to Platinum. This includes visits at home and hospital care from your Concierge team.
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Core Transformative
Health Program

A platform for personal growth that starts with a Life & Health Coach to provide a roadmap to success, to optimization of your health plan, to home cooking events, and more –this program...
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Your Core Concierge Practitioners 

You may be asking yourself, "What is Concierge Health Care?" Join us as Dr. Bobby Gulab and Dr. Kathryn Grinnen discuss the concept and need of Concierge Health Care in our area, and the unique spin their practice will be providing to the community. Learn more about the extensive wellness programs that go beyond just primary care, as well as the Transformational Total Care Program that connects you to your physician in an extraordinarily focused level of personal attention.
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Accompany to Specialist Visits

Expert guidance for optimal care: Navigating specialist visits with confidence and clarity.

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Life and Health Coaching 

Unlock Your Full Potential: Empowerment and Transformation through Life and Health Coaching.

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Monthly Health Optimization  

Elevate Your Well-being: Monthly Health Optimization for a Vibrant and Thriving Lifestyle.

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Exclusive Wellness and Social Events 

Indulge in Luxury: Exclusive Wellness and Social Events for Unforgettable Experiences.

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Home Cooking Events 

Culinary Delights at Home: Unleash Your Inner Chef with Memorable Home Cooking Events.

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Full Access and Discounts to Aesthetic Programs 

Enhance Your Beauty: Full Access and Exclusive Discounts to Transformative Aesthetic Programs.

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Individual Life Goal Coaching

Unleash Your Potential: Individual Life Goal Coaching for Empowering Personal Growth and Achievement.

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Tailored Programs to Reach Health and Life Goals

Customized Path to Success: Tailored Programs for Achieving Health and Life Goals with Precision.


What Our Clients Say

“Tom and I just wanted you to know that today's yoga class with Mary was terrific. We have both done yoga (on and off) for over 30 years and had lots of teachers and she was just wonderful. She was non-judgmental, encouraged us to ask questions and to comment, was an excellent listener and made excellent judgements about our abilities and simultaneously gave us great anatomical info related to a given pose. We haven't only done one in person class since before COVID. It was awful - the teacher was slow and judgmental and had no ability to offer modifications for different levels of ability. Mary was able to both challenge us and keep us safe - a difficult balance.

Just a thought - if you put a place on the website for testimonials - we will be happy to write one about our experiences with Core Concierge so far. Keep up the good work!

thank you! Joyce”

Core Concierge Health
& Wellness Center

We are excited to announce that our Wellness Center is currently under construction and will be home to in our Patient Office Visits  Here we will be hosting our member Educational Classes, Disease Prevention Seminars, Fitness and Exercise Events, Culinary Classes, Health and Wellbeing Social Meet and Greets, and more.  Join us late Summer '23 in our new facility! Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on our center and upcoming events. 
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