Core Concierge Health Chronic & Acute Care

Chronic and Acute Care Management of Diseases and illnesses

Acute and Chronic Conditions

are two types of medical conditions that differ in terms of their duration and onset.

Acute Condtion

Acute Conditions

Acute conditions typically develop suddenly and symptoms can range from mild and irritating to severe and intense, and typically last for a short period of time. Examples of acute conditions include a cold or the flu, urinary tract infection, an asthma attack, or an allergic reaction. Immediate medical attention may be required, but most acute conditions often heal within a few days to a few weeks with proper treatment. Availability to see your physician for urgent care is priority when acute conditions arise, making Core Concierge health membership ideal for the average patient. 

Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions

Chronic conditions develop slowly and persist over an extended period of time, sometimes months and often years, and usally have no cure. Examples of chronic conditions include diabetes, obesity, hypertension, stroke, arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cancer. Most chronic conditions require ongoing medical management and treatment. Chronic conditions can worsen over time and cause long-term damage to the body if left untreated. Chronic conditions are more complex to manage and can be influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors. Chronic Disease management often requires more frequent or longer appointments which makes the Core Concierge Health Ideal for any patient with a chronic condition.

Chronic Conditions

All Patients:


Management of Chronic Illnesses
by board certified physicians


No limit to number
of office visits


No time limitation to


Guaranteed same day appointments
with a physician.


Disease specific education


Acute Care sick visits same
day with a physician


Medication review at
every office visit


24/7 availability to physician
through direct call or text

Platinum Level Additional Services:

Home Visits

Platinum Level Additional Services:

Specialty Care coordination and accompaniment to specialty appointments

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